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All pieces are Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver (non-tarnishing silver),
 Vermeil or Gold filled.
Custom sizes are made on request.
All the jewelry is made by hand and may differ slightly from the photograph.

Please inquire about Statement piece sizes, for best fit.

Variations in the designs are due to the individuality of each piece.

This collection is available in Gold filled.

Pendants in this collection are antique or vintage buttons that have been cast in Sterling Silver or Argentium (non-tarnishing silver). Most designs in this collection can be made with any of the button charms if the size is appropriate.

All of the Chain Maille is hand made.

This collection is available in Sterling or Sterling with Vermeil.

Pendants in this collection are Sterling Silver attached to Lucite by Sterling rivets.
They are hung from Sterling Silver rosary-knotted chains with Swarovski Crystals.

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